Денис Соколов (den_sok) wrote,
Денис Соколов

The moonway apartment

"SVOYA STUDIO" has designed  " The moonway apartment "  Apartment in the center of Odessa city. Open-plan space with area of 135 m2 allowed to lay out a spacious studio (with a kitchen, a parlor and a dining area), a guest bedroom with a box-room, and also a master bedroom along with a clothesroom and a bathroom. All passing areas are maximally functional and equipped with store systems hidden behind wooden panels.
The apartment’s orientation with respect to the cardinal directions has detremined its overall coloristics. Obscure bold colors in the parlor allow for feeling comfortable and pacifically even at noon heat. This is a venue of tranquility and relaxation away from the big resort city’s  fuss. The dining room is allocated to detached block nearby the kitchen, and its windows are viewing the sea. It is the place, where you can greet the sunrise with a cup of flavorful coffee. The whole studio may house  a large number of guests, providing both common and individual  locations for parties.
The bedroom is of different nature: it is a full of light space to set your mood for all day long. Panoramic windows open the view over the cityscape and main street, which night lights become a part of the interior. A wall of vibrant Sangria color, in changing light conditions of a day, fills the room with deep shades, with soft reflections in wall stone and glass sheen. The room is designed with a spacious clothesroom  and integrated bathroom, separated by a glass partition. The key wow-effect is the lightlit bedroom, when you come in from the hall of contrast color and material.
Guest bedroom is laconic in content, and its form is light plus color. The entire store-system is in the box-room, adjacent to this room.
There is a toilet and shower facilities for guests, with a laundry zone.
In general, the apartment space is completed with all necessary conveniences for living and recreation, аnd the color palette is in concordance with the sun moving round the horizon.
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