Денис Соколов (den_sok) wrote,
Денис Соколов

Over O apartment by SVOYA studio

The “Over O” apartment unit, designed by “SVOYA STUDIO”, occupies the top floor of the high-rise complex in Odessa. Owing to the radial architecture of the house, the apartment offers a panoramic view of the whole city, as if it floats above Odessa roofs. The apartment is inhabited by a young family with a pet – a beautiful and wayward cat Kaiju (and sometimes, it seems that the interior was created as an ideal background for the luxurious red color of this lovely “strange beast”:). The entrance to the apartment is located on the floor below. A staircase situated immediately at the entrance leads to the spacious hall with a sofa area and a closed dressing room. The zoning of the space is divided into a public area – a kitchen, a living room and a multipurpose study room, in which the working, sports and relaxation zones are combined. The study room gets its special value during the hours of the sunset, being filled with its shades and glare of roofs to the horizon. The area of the personal use is a bedroom with a dressing room and bathroom. The space is filled with light and air. The bath is separated by a glass partition preserving the common space. Also in the apartment there are two bedrooms, one of which has a function of the study room. This room is aimed at meeting the dawn over the sea. In this area there is a laundry room and a guest W.C. Due to the lack of the direct natural lighting in the hall, it was compensated by the artificial one focusing on the staircase. The spacious living room is combined with the kitchen that is designed with consideration of the ergonomics and visual isolation of processes being tended to hide The TV zone is placed comfortably for watching from the entire study room space. Natural materials, stone, wood, textiles of the deep emerald color, accent light sources and the maximum comfort in each element are the main components of the space, which, owing to the opening panorama, reflect in themselves the sky and city creating new shades in the interior. This is the apartment, in which one can meet the dawn, sunset and “strange beast” Kaiju.

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